Cybersecurity Tips: How to Keep Your Network Secure

Oct 11, 2023 | Business Growth

By Nate Delanoy, Sr. Director of Product Management, Segra

In Charlotte, NC, 100 business owners participated in a recent Travelers Institute survey giving their perception of cyber threats. Over half (51%) of them view cyberattacks as inevitable, while just under a third of them (29%) don’t know the correct infrastructure required to prevent an attack. 

Businesses are under fire daily, with IT organizations fending off a complex and growing security threat landscape. Insider threats, supply chain attacks and ransomware gangs are testing technology leaders, making security a top priority for them, no matter their industry vertical. Here are a few strategies for large, mid-sized and small businesses owners to make sure their network is secure. 

Digitally Transform Your IT Infrastructure

Data-driven insight helps improve operations, automate incident resolution and increase the stability of systems. The first frontier in digital transformation may lie in the data center, where data, network, and compute reside. By implementing improved cybersecurity solutions and building a hybrid IT infrastructure, it can help keep one’s network secure. 

Implement Improved Cybersecurity Solutions

There are well known forms cybersecurity safety such as firewall or endpoint protection solutions but due to the advancement of technology, a more remote workforce, and increase in cyberattacks, there are next generation versions available to business owners and IT leaders that are more effective. Improved forms of traditional cybersecurity solutions are being used now such as Next Generation Firewall, Hosted/Cloud Based Firewall Capabilities, and Carrier-based Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Solutions. Other cybersecurity solutions that would be beneficial are using private networks, fiber infrastructure and/or outsourcing a security operations center. 

Consider Adapting to a Hybrid IT Infrastructure to Improve Security

Data centers offer connectivity through multiple internet service providers and direct connections with top cloud providers, all in a single location. The seamless connection to networks and cloud on-ramps to connect cloud-based workloads ensures that businesses can always stay connected and access the data and applications they need, even when working remotely. IT managers can place their equipment in highly secure colocation facilities with extensive physical security measures and vigorous backup solutions to protect mission-critical applications. Colocation facilities are equipped with high-level security and compliance protocols to protect against physical threats and safely secure sensitive data and business continuity.

Having a partner that takes care of all the infrastructure, maintenance, upgrades, patches, capacity planning, backups, and security of the system and platform, is key to keeping one’s business efficient and secure. 

Consider a Partner for Peace of Mind

Faced with multiple threats, an all-inclusive approach to cybersecurity should be conducted. Organizations need to rethink their cybersecurity in terms of a multifaceted infrastructure and feedback loop to ensure they can collect, correlate, and analyze security information from all IT systems and networks, enabling rapid detection and remediation. IT leaders should consider partnering to secure the expertise and diligence to defend its business data, allowing the company to focus on running its business. 

As cybersecurity and cloud services continue to rank high on the list of IT spending priorities for industry professionals, it’s imperative to make sure one’s data is protected. Implementing managed services into one’s IT infrastructure or partnering with a security provider can help keep businesses connected and secure while guarding against cyberattacks and unplanned network outages.


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