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Superheroes are more than fictitious characters we see on the big screen. They are everyday people in the everyday world making small impacts that generate big waves. Every contribution you make, no matter the size, creates ripples of positive change in University City, empowering our community to thrive.

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University City Vision Summit

Join us in making a transformative impact on University City by sponsoring our annual meeting, the University City Vision Summit. This event is our annual networking opportunity where we share our successes and vision for the coming year. Your support helps drive community growth, fosters valuable connections with key stakeholders, and enhances the vitality of our urban center. Together, we can build a brighter future for University City.

Signature Events

Charlotte Kids Fest
University City Partners Farmers Market
Juneteenth Art Fest
University City Wine Fest
UCity Lights Winter Celebration
Charlotte New Year's Day 5k

For more information, please contact Janet Godfrey at jgodfrey@universitycitypartners.org