Where Will They Play?

We need more parks now – YOU CAN HELP

A crisis caused by Charlotte’s explosive growth and government inaction threatens one of the most important assets of every truly livable city – public parks.   A recent nationwide study revealed that Charlotte has the least parkland per person of any comparable city in America!

Mecklenburg County has added nearly 200,000 residents in 10 years yet provides virtually no more parkland for 1.1 million people than it did a decade ago for 900,000. Now, land prices are soaring while sites suitable for new parks are being lost to development.

A University City without parks

Nowhere is the situation more dire than within walking distance of University City’s growing community.  University City Partners and the Parks Department staff jointly funded a parks master plan five years ago—anticipating this growth.

Nothing in the plan has been done.

That radical change can happen – with your help, now!
The time is now for all of us to tell commissioners that we demand more and better parks. Our commissioners will respond when enough citizens call for change.

Email each of the commissioners. Encourage friends and family to do the same.

Together, let’s make that happen.

Darlene Heater
Executive Director
University City Partners

Email addresses of decision makers and email copy for easy action.

Want a shortcut to writing your emails? Feel free to use any or all of the content below:

RE:  More Parks Now for University City
Please fund parks so our Future University City will have vibrant, active and safe park spaces for our residents, students, workers and visitors.  Buy land for parks in University City NOW–and include funding in this budget for purchases to make sure preserve land for parks before this land is developed.

Be committed to creating great places which makes Mecklenburg County and Charlotte competitive for jobs and talent.  Take action now.

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  1. Please built more parks in the University City area

  2. We need more parks


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