University City Partners is committed to justness and opportunity for all

To the University City community:

University City Partners stands against racism and social injustice in every form. We work to help build a community that is inclusive and equitable.

I know that many of our residents, business owners and area employees are experiencing pain and trauma from recent killings that have been shared across TV screens and online. Though I personally do not know the pain felt by the Black community, I extend my compassion.

We at University City Partners stand with our Black-owned businesses, community members and partners.

We will continue to work with our community leaders, business partners, and City and County government leaders to identify ways that we can support those who have been treated unjustly in the past and even today.

We will continue our work with the UCITY Family Zone that was created in partnership with UNC Charlotte leaders, the community and civic and faith partners following the killing of Keith Lamont-Scott by a police officer four years ago in University City.

We will also continue to listen to local residents who experience racial injustice first-hand, supporting them in the best ways that we can.

We are committed to ensuring that we nurture a University City that provides equitable employment, living and leisure experiences for everyone in our diverse and inclusive community.

Changes this big only happen when everyone gets involved.

If you need help getting started, visit the the UCITY Family Zone website and fill out its contact form. If you want to learn about COVID-19 support efforts needing your help right now, visit the UCITY Family Zone’s COVID-19 support web page.

Thank you for the many ways that you care for others in University City.

Darlene Heater

Executive Director

University City Partners

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