There’s still time to help Vance High have a yearbook for the ages

Vance High yearbook promotion

Vance High students are working hard on the 2021 yearbook.

In January, we reported that a dedicated team of Vance High students and their advisor hoped to pull off the seemingly impossible – create A TRULY SPECIAL YEARBOOK:

  • A yearbook spanning two years, since the pandemic wiped out last year’s yearbook.
  • A yearbook created almost entirely online, since Vance students just returned to campus on March 15.
  • And a yearbook every student can afford, even those with families struggling to pay bills.

How are the yearbook students doing?

The YEARBOOK TEAM has nearly finished the book, says their advisor, but more money is needed to provide low-cost books.

YOU still have time to help these dedicated teens make their IMPOSSIBLE DREAM a reality. See details below on how you can help.

Update from the yearbook team advisor

Vikki Harmon, Vance’s first-year media coordinator and yearbook advisor, gives this report on the yearbook staff’s progress.

“Face to face has been sort of a see-saw effect. Yes, we are excited to have scholars back in the building, but we are still very nervous about the virus and worried about our own families and kids.

“It has also been challenging for teachers to teach via Zoom and in person, but we are pushing thru with the last 9 weeks starting on Monday. We can almost see the finish line for this year!”

Dedicated yearbook staff nears the finish line

“The yearbook staff is still trekking thru this unprecedented year, and I am extremely proud of my yearbook class!

“As a new teacher at Vance, I’ve worked tirelessly to build relationships with my students and establish myself as a member of the Vance community. They trusted me and worked hard as a unit to get as much content as possible to produce an all-inclusive yearbook.

“It wasn’t easy at all, but they did it and, to be frank, we are still mushing our way thru to meet our deadline at the end of this month (March)!”

A Vance High yearbook like no other

“One of the goals of the $5K YEARBOOK CAMPAIGN is to purchase as many yearbooks as possible for students at Vance. We all have experienced many difficulties, whether financial or emotional, during this time, especially students. Part of that goal is to place a yearbook in each senior’s hands here at Vance.

“Unfortunately, they have not been able to experience the senior year we hoped for, including the ability to attend their prom. Hopefully they will have a graduation.

“This yearbook will include all grades at Vance, not just the Senior Class, which has been the tradition.

“The yearbook will also include a flashback section that acknowledges our CHAMPIONS from last year, since their yearbook could not be printed (due to COVID-19).”

Time is short, and we need more donors!

“We have received a significant donation from Rob Rogers, who has always been one of Vance’s consistent supporters. A couple of anonymous donors have contributed to our campaign, as well. We need many more to meet our $5K goal.

“The race isn’t over, and I have faith that with help from our CHARLOTTE COMMUNITY, we will continue the legacy of GREATNESS at Vance High … with an EPIC YEARBOOK that meets ALL OUR GOALS, as well!”

Help make the Vance High Yearbook dream a reality

There’s still time to help the yearbook team meet its audacious goals, including raising $5,000 for affordable yearbooks. Here’s how you can make the difference:

  • Make donations online via the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Online School Payments system. MORE
  • Contact Vikki Harmon at to learn more or for tips on using the online payment system (it isn’t difficult but has a few odd requirements, including the need for donors to use the student profile form to enter their name and phone number).
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