Many bus routes, connections changing for LYNX

Provided by Charlotte Area Transit System

The following service adjustments will take place on Monday, March 19, 2018, following the opening of the LYNX Blue Line to UNCC on Friday, March 16, 2018. To learn more about these new schedules, visit or call 704-336-RIDE.

  • 12, 24, 43, 55, 56, 57, 58, & 60 – Trips adjusted for new train schedule at existing LYNX Blue Line stations.
  • 97, 98, & 99 – Village Riders will be restructured to serve new bus-rail connection at Bryton Town Center. See also the Village Riders Guide for more information.
  • 85X – Gastonia Express – New midday roundtrip added weekdays inbound from Gastonia at 11:09 am and outbound from CTC at Noon.
  • 221 – E Harris / Idlewild – Will now operate 35 minutes weekdays, 30 minutes Saturdays, and hourly Sundays with trip times adjusted.


Bus-connection changes

For more details on the below bus connections to the new LYNX Blue Line, pick up a booklet from area schedule racks.

  • 3 – The Plaza – New crosstown replaces the 204 west of N Tryon and the 23 east of Tipperary to Albemarle Park & Ride.
  • 4 – Belmont – Renamed route extended out Plaza to new Sugar Creek Station. Plaza Midwood loop discontinued.
  • 9 – Central Ave – Times adjusted. Turnaround shortened at Albemarle Park and Ride. Service on Idlewild Rd N replaced with new 3.
  • 11 – N Tryon – Follows 11K to Walmart with earlier, later, and weekend trips. 11U discontinued. Mallard Creek Church replaced with new 29.
  • 13 – Nevin – New crosstown replaces the 201 out Capps Hill Mine Rd to new Sugar Creek Station via Craighead.
  • 21 – Statesville Ave – Renamed route replaces 13 from Uptown but extended out Statesville to Sunset Rd.
  • 22 – Graham St – Straightened Uptown and around Norris to LYNX JW Clay Station via WT Harris Blvd. Claude Freeman replaced with new 54. Prosperity Church replaced with new 59.
  • 23 – Shamrock – Same route from Uptown to Tipperary but then Plaza to CPCC Cato, or Grier and Cove Creek when CPCC Cato is closed.
  • 28 – Fairview Rd – New crosstown replaces the 29 south of Eastland with new service via Strawberry Hill and Foxcroft to South Park.
  • 29 – UNCC/JW Clay – Adjusted via Cove Creek between Grier and Milton Roads. Trips south of Eastland replaced by new 28. IBM Dr replaced by 54. New later and Sunday service replaces 11U.
  • 39 – Eastway – New crosstown replaces the 232 south of Kilborne to Grier Hts. Service to Uptown still provided on the 9.
  • 47 – Greenhouse Shuttle – New service to Metrolina Greenhouses from JW Clay Station.
  • 50 – CIC/URP – Replaces prior morning outbound and evening inbound 54X trips with feeder service to University City Blvd Station.
  • 54 University Research Park – Replaces morning inbound and evening outbound 54X trips from Mallard Creek with new local service to University City Blvd Station and Concord Mills.
  • 59 – UNCC/Huntersville – New crosstown from Bryton Town Center to JW Clay Station via Prosperity Church and Mallard Creek Church Roads. Replaces the 22P north of Mallard Creek Rd.
  • 211 Hidden Valley – Connects to Sugar Creek Station instead of Library. Also connects to Tom Hunter LYNX Station. Craighead replaced by new 13.
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