33 wineries featured at Wine Fest

Wine Fest featured wineriesYou don’t need to know much about wines to enjoy the University City Wine Fest on April 13. However, if you already recognize a particular winery or want to learn more, this list might help

The following wineries will be represented at Wine Fest. With more than 100 wines available to try, you should be able to sample multiple wines from a particular winery.


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By the way, Tim Wallace of the Wine Vault chose these wineries. Visit the Wine Vault anytime to sample many of the wines featured at Wine Fest.

The Wine Vault

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Wine Fest 2019 Featured Wineries

  • Annalissa
  • Black Ridge
  • Cambria
  • Carro
  • Catena
  • Centorri
  • Drumheller
  • Elbo
  • Evolution
  • Filus
  • Fiore
  • J Christopher
  • J Lohr
  • Kiona
  • Limestone
  • Milou
  • Moss Roxx
  • New Age
  • One Hope
  • Paris
  • Pertico
  • Raimat
  • Rockbrook
  • Septima
  • Sileni
  • St Christopher
  • Steeple Jack
  • Tacho
  • the Path
  • Tiamo
  • Verso
  • Villa M
  • Zestos

Wine Fest featured breweries

  • Pilot Brewing
  • Great Lakes Brewing
  • Mother Earth Brewing


Wine Fest featured ciderworks

  • Red Clay
  • Good Road
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