The time for parks is now!

A message from Darlene Heater:

Our campaign for more parks now in University City and Charlotte moves forward. In the past two weeks we have:

  • Addressed our Mecklenburg County Commissioners, who fund our parks, about the crisis of an exploding population and disappearing land for new parks.
  • Helped launch, a website that explains why commissioners must take action now, as they shape the budget that begins July 1.
  • Kept working with parks boosters countywide to light the fire under elected officials.


If you share our passion for parks, join us, now!

Visit to learn why there is little time left to act for parks.

Read our April 15 call to action to the Mecklenburg County Board.

Send your own message for parks to the County Commission. Get contact info here.

There is still time. Our commissioners do listen. Let’s make a difference, now!



Darlene Heater,

Executive Director

University City Partners

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