Plans and Initiatives

Creative public/private initiatives are key to building a vibrant community and University City Partners plays a vital role in bridging ideas and implementation. There are two area plans that provide the framework for future development University City. University City Partners funded and orchestrated the first area plan for the MSD in 2007. This University City Transit Station Area Plan was updated by the City in May 2015. The University Research Park Area Plan was also funded and orchestrated by University City Partners and adopted by the City in 2010. University City Partners also supports the implementation of the UNC Charlotte Master Plan. In conjunction with the LYNX Blue Line Extension, the J.W. Clay Station Area Master Plan supports the development of a walkable, mixed-use downtown in the heart of University City anchored by UNC Charlotte and University Research Park.

Other Initiatives:

University City Parks and Open Space Plan

In 2015, University City Partners in partnership with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation and UNC Charlotte’s Master of Urban Design program collaborated to create a University City Parks and Open Space Plan for the University City MSD area. The effort was directed by Assistant Professor Ming-Chun Lee and LandDesign provided consultation. Implementation of the plan will be shared between Mecklenburg County Park and Rec and University City Partners.


University City Brand Identity Initiative

University City Partners created a new brand identity and a brand campaign to generate awareness and create market identity. The brand identity has three brand pillars including global competitiveness, innovation and academia, and verdant environment.

University City Branded Signage

University City Partners began implementing the brand with branded street signs. There are 75 signs in the University City MSD that include the new brand mark and decorative frame. The street sign project help to identify the University City community. In addition, we have installed branded gateway signs and internal wayfinding signs for the University Research Park that also include the University City brand mark. Future phases of the signage program include University City gateway signs, pedestrian bridge signs, greenway markers and community wayfinding signs.


University Connect Community Corporate Council

University City Partners assisted with the formation of the University Connect Community Corporate Council to increase business involvement in University City. This committee includes representatives from major employers and is currently working to support involvement at the Governor’s Village Schools. Visit the University City Connect website to learn more.

University Research Park Management

University City Partners manages the landscaping and investments and upholds the covenants in the University Research Park.