Informal community survey finds strong interest in farmers market, local businesses, greenways

Mallard Creek Greenway

Two thirds of people taking the survey said they visit a greenway at least every other month

In April and May, we invited University City residents and workers to complete an informal survey about programs and improvements they’d like to see in our community. More than 200 people took part. Here’s what they shared. How well do their responses match what you would say?

About the people who responded

Of the 209 people who took part, four-fifths say they live in University City, while the remainder say they work here. About half of the residents live in the 28269 ZIP Code, with the remainder split between 28262 and 28213. Three-fourths of the responders put their ages at between 35 and 64.

Topics of interest during the pandemic

The pandemic was already in full swing when we began the survey. We asked responders to rate the types of information they most wanted to receive regarding the pandemic’s impact. Their answers by level of interest, from high to low:

  1. Ways to support local businesses.
  2. Community impact stories.
  3. Physical safety and mental health tips.
  4. Food access programs and locations.

Community programs

We asked everyone to tell us which types of activities they would most appreciate adding in University City. Nearly 90% said they’d like a farmers market. More than half asked for movies or music, while one in five mentioned outdoor playgrounds.


About two-thirds of people completing the survey say they visit greenways at least every couple of months; 25% say they walk or bike on one of the greenways at least weekly. What could make greenways better? Half of the survey-takers say the greenways need more natural beautification, and nearly as many want more places to sit.

Favorite places in University City

We asked responders to name their favorite place to visit in University City. The top location (are you surprised?) is the boardwalk and lake at University Place. No. 2 is visiting one of our greenways and the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens.

One thing I’d add or change is ….

We were particularly interested in answers to this question: What things in University City would you add or change? Among the most popular suggestions: more restaurants, more locally owned restaurants, better walkability, space for community gatherings, preservation of single-family homes and improved safety.

What would you change, add or improve in University City?

The online survey window is closed, but we still welcome your thoughts about this informal opinion survey as well as your suggestions about specific topics. Email us at, with the subject line, “University City Community Survey”

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