It’s all about access and location.

Anchored by UNC Charlotte, this global community thrives as Charlotte’s second largest employment center. Superior road and transit infrastructure, ideal office locations, and direct access to UNC Charlotte’s talent pipeline and multidisciplinary research all contribute to University City’s vibrant, global economy.

“From the business perspective, it makes great sense to be here because of the location and access.”– Dr. Michael Dockery, Ortho Carolina

Doing Business in University City

University City has benefited from recent economic investment as businesses have expanded or located here and entrepreneurs and spin-offs have opened up shop. Fueled by innovation, this employment center has a daytime workforce of 75,000 in businesses that range from energy and finance to healthcare, technology, and back office. View listing of major employers located in University City.







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University City is growing! We have ongoing development projects and rezoning petitions in University City. The tool below shows our transportation infrastructure investments as well as private land developments recently completed, under construction, or in permitting and planning.

University City Economic Incentives

Economic incentives are offered by the state of North Carolina, Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The governments cooperate in rewarding companies that create jobs and spur investment in North Carolina communities. Learn more about incentives at Charlotte Economic Incentives and the Mecklenburg County Economic Development Office.

Resources for businesses, communities dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

The NC Main Street and Rural Planning Center has prepared several resources to help businesses and communities respond to the massive challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. Click on each of the four images and text links below to access downloadable resources. Tips for Small Businesses Tips for Downtown Programs and Community Leaders Tips for Small Businesses needing Customers   Chart of community... read more

See University City’s latest projects and plans in pictures

So much change is sweeping across University City, it can be hard to keep up. All corners of University City’s 7.5-square-mile area are evolving , from the 2,000 acre University Research Park to light rail stations. Nearly 4 million square-feet of office space was announced in 2019 alone. That’s why University City Partners has prepared a heavily visual report, “University City, CLT,” showcasing private development and public infrastructure projects that are under way or starting soon. The report features... read more