A message from University City Partners

Like all of Charlotte, we at University City Partners begin this day with shattered hearts and in disbelief.

We grieve with all of the UNC Charlotte community and beyond for those who died, suffered wounds and lived through Tuesday’s frightening tragedy.

We are deeply thankful for UNC Charlotte and University City CMPD officers and others who acted quickly and courageously to end the attack despite grave risk to themselves.


University news

Chancellor Dubois has been sharing information via local television and radio stations. His letter to the UNC Charlotte family and community is included below.

  • If you need to check on the status of family or friends, UNC Charlotte asks that you use the Niner Central number (704) 687-8622.
  • The Chancellor’s office says that decisions about exams will be made today and shared through website and internal communication channels.
  • Commencement will continue as planned.


How you can express your support

Charlotte StrongHere are a few simple ways to express your support of our Niner community:

  • The Chancellor’s office requests that we show our support by posting the Charlotte Strong icon on social media.
  • If your building has the ability to change outdoor lighting colors, join our Uptown community by changing your lighting to green.
  • Post messages of support and appreciation to UNC Charlotte on Facebook and on Twitter @UNCCharlotte, and to CMPD on Facebook and on Twitter @CMPD.

Please follow UNC Charlotte Facebook and Twitter channels and the university website for updates and news that may inform the community on how best to support their needs.

We hope and pray for full healing – of wounds, of hearts, of spirit.

With deep sadness,

Darlene Heater and the staff and board of University City Partners


A Message from the Chancellor

This is the saddest day in UNC Charlotte’s history. Earlier this evening, the unthinkable happened on our campus. At approximately 5:40 PM, an individual opened fire in a UNC Charlotte classroom, cutting short the lives of two members of our community and seriously injuring four others.

Families of the deceased victims are being notified, and university staff are with those who are injured. The entire UNC Charlotte community shares the shock and grief of this senseless, devastating act. This was an attack on all of Niner Nation.

I am proud of and grateful for the efforts of UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, and other emergency officials. The suspected shooter is in custody and lives were saved thanks to their rapid response. Their work on campus will continue over the next several hours. Students and staff on campus should follow the instructions of law enforcement officials and the instructions issued in NinerAlerts. Everyone else should remain off campus until an all-clear message is issued.

The days ahead will be some of the most challenging we have ever encountered. All I can say for certain is that we will get through them together. There is still much that we don’t know, and we will share information with you as soon as it is available. Among those unknowns is how we will navigate the remainder of the semester, including the final examination schedule and graduation. Examinations will be canceled through Sunday while we formulate a plan for the following week.

Counseling and Psychological Services is currently providing counseling services to students who were on campus during the event. We intend to make counseling and spiritual support services available to the entire campus community beginning tomorrow morning. Faculty and staff who need support overnight should contact the Employee Assistance Program at 1- 877-603-8259. Additional details regarding those services and other resources will follow in the coming hours.

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