City Council Oks zoning change for Novant Health facility

• Council also approves five rezonings for 1,020 townhomes and apartments.

• Hearings held on proposals for offices, townhomes along Mallard Creek Road.

MAP KEY: Gray squares show zoning changes approved by Charlotte City Council on Oct. 19. The council held rezoning hearings on the properties marked in blue.

Novant Health’s rezoning request for a 144,000-square-foot medical facility won unanimous approval from Charlotte City Council on Oct. 19.

The council also unanimously approved five other rezonings across University City that would add more than 1,000 apartments, townhomes and one-floor attached homes.

Two rezoning hearings also held on Oct. 19 were for two Mallard Creek Road tracts just west of West W.T. Harris Boulevard. One rezoning would allow up to 50,000 square feet of offices and similar uses while the other would permit up to 130 for-sale townhomes. Details are below.

  • To watch a the meeting video, click here. A directory allows you to choose which items to watch.

Charlotte City Council zoning decisions

1. Novant Health medical center on North Tryon Street

  • Location: Western corner of North Tryon Street and West Mallard Creek Church Road
  • Zoning change approved: 23.8 acres from mixed-use development, optional to mixed use development, optional, with site plan amendment
  • Petitioner: Novant Health. Petition 2019-163 details
  • Proposed uses: Up to 144,000 sf of medical and general offices uses with optional provisions for vacant land. Uses could include clinics, health institutions, surgery centers, and emergency rooms. Current zoning allows up to 1 million sf of general medical and office uses and other uses.
  • Transportation improvements: Developer commits to provide numerous improvements both at the site and at the I-85 interchange with Mallard Creek Church Road.
  • Other details: provide urban open space, plus 8-ft wide planting strip and 12-ft wide multi-use path along sites frontage on North Tryon St and Mallard Creek Church Rd.
  • Zoning Petition 2019-163 website

2. Townhomes and apartments on IBM Drive near Neal Road 2020-035

  • Location: South side of IBM Drive, west of Neal Road.
  • Zoning change approved: 49 acres from single-family residential and RE-2 research to urban residential-2 and R-8MF multifamily, conditional.
  • Petitioner: CCP University, LLC. Petition 2020-035 details
  • Proposed uses: Up to 250 single-family attached townhomes and 50 multifamily units, plus other incidental and accessory uses.
  • Other details: Maximum height of 3 stories; 6-ft wide sidewalk and 8-ft planting strip on internal public streets and frontage on Neal Road and IBM Drive.
  • Impact on schools: The new zoning is expected to generate 20 fewer students than the current zoning. Schools affected are Governors Village STEM Academy and Julius L. Chambers High School (formerly Vance High).
  • Zoning Petition 2020-035 website


3. Apartment community on IBM Drive at West W.T. Harris Blvd 2020-055

  • Location: East side of IBM Drive and south side of West W.T. Harris Blvd at I-85
  • Zoning change Approved: 30 acres from RE-2 research to R-17MF multifamily, conditional
  • Petitioner: RangeWater Real Estate. Petition 2020-055 details
  • Proposed uses: Up to 300 multifamily units
  • Other details: Turn lane into the site from IBM Drive; 8-ft wide planting strip and 12-ft wide multi-use path along IBM Drive frontage; conveys property near Doby Creek to Mecklenburg County for future Doby Creek Greenway; detailed building materials; maximum building height of 72 feet.
  • Impact on schools: The former zoning would generate no students, while the new zoning could generate 36 students. Schools affected are Governors Village STEM Academy and Julius L. Chambers High School (formerly Vance High).
  • Zoning Petition 2020-055 website

4. Apartment community on Berkeley Place Drive 

  • Location: Berkeley Place Drive near Mallard Creek Church Road
  • Zoning change approved: 11.7 acres from commercial center to urban residential-2, conditional
  • Petitioner: Westplan Investors. Petition 2020-060 details
  • Proposed uses: 198 multifamily units and accessory uses.
  • Other details: Up to 8 principal buildings, no taller than 60 feet; 8-ft planting strip and 8-ft sidewalk along Berkeley Place Drive and Wright Hill Road; minimum of 6,000 sf of open space with landscaping, seated areas, shade structures and lighting; detailed building materials.
  • Impact on schools: The previous zoning would generate no students while the new zoning could generate 24 students. Schools affected are Stoney Creek Elementary, James Martin Middle and Julius L. Chambers High School (formerly Vance High).
  • Zoning Petition 2020-060 website

5. One-floor rental homes with garages on Harris Houston Road 

  • Location: Harris Houston Road north of University City Blvd
  • Zoning change approved: 21 acres from single-family residential to R-8 MF multifamily, conditional
  • Petitioner: Redwood USA, LLC. Petition 2020-074 details
  • Proposed uses: 83 one-floor attached rental dwelling units with two bedrooms and two-car garage.
  • Other details: Network of private internal streets and driveway connection to Harris Houston Rd; widen portion of Harris Houston Rd along property frontage and provide 8-ft wide planting strip and 12-ft wide multi use path along that frontage; numerous architectural standards; 50-foot buffer dedicated to Mecklenburg Park and Recreation for future greenway.
  • Impact on schools: The previous zoning could generate 35 students while the new zoning may produce 23 students, a decrease of 12 students. Schools affected are Stoney Creek Elementary, James Martin Middle and Julius L. Chambers High School (formerly Vance High).
  • Zoning Petition 2020-074 website

6. Townhome community with garages on Ridge Road

  • Location: South side of Ridge Road, north of I-485 and west of Mallard Creek Road
  • Zoning change approved: 19.6 acres from single-family residential to R-8 MF multifamily, conditional
  • Petitioner: Mattamy Homes
  • Proposed uses: Up to 139 townhomes with garages for a minimum of one car.
  • Other details: Developer commits to a 10-foot-wide sidewalk and 8-foot-wide planting strip along the sites Ridge Road frontage and a left-turn lane into the site from Ridge Road. Exterior building materials include a combination of brick, brick veneer, natural stone or its synthetic equivalent, and/or vinyl siding.
  • Impact on schools: The previous zoning could generate 9 students, while the new zoning could produce 22 students. Schools affected are Parkside Elementary, Ridge Road Middle and Mallard Creek High.
  • Zoning Petition 2020-075 website


Charlotte City Council hearings on Oct. 19

The Charlotte City Council heard the following rezoning proposals on Oct. 19 involving University City sites:

  1. Rezoning Petition: 2020-097 by 6800 Solectron Owner, L.P.
  • Location: Mallard Creek Road along the east side of Penninger Circle
  • Zoning change requested: 12.4 acres from RE-1 (CD) Research to INST (CD) Institutional and RE-1 (CD) and RE-1 (CD) site-plan amendment
  • Petitioner: 6800 Solectron Owner, L.P.
  • Proposed uses: Two buildings totaling 50,000 square feet for uses including medical health clinics, offices, financial institutions, laboratories, and research
  • Other details: The proposal allows no more than two buildings. Developer would make several road improvements including left-over and right-turn lanes into the property along Mallard Creek Road.
  • Zoning Petition website

2. Rezoning Petition: 2020-099 by D.R. Horton

  • Location: 20.9 acres along the southeast side of Mallard Creek Road and north of Morris Estate Drive
  • Zoning change requested: 20.9 acres from R-3 residential to R-8MF (CD)
  • Petitioner: D.R. Horton
  • Proposed uses: Up to 130 for-sale townhomes.
  • Other details: Plan calls for road improvements to Penninger Circle and Mallard Creek Church Road. Architectural standards include variety of building materials, usable stoops and porches as a predominant feature of building design. About 4.8 acres would be preserved for tree-save land.
  • Zoning Petition website


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